About Us

CPRA, full name China Plastic Recycling Association, is a branch organization of China National Resources Recycling Association. Founded in May 2014, CPRA aims to unite and lead the enterprises and institutions in the plastic recycling industry to upgrade the status and image of the industry and build an influentially healthy industry by abundantly using all the advantageous resources and optimizing the platform of the China Plastics Recycling Association. CPRA offers its members timely information about China¡¯s significant events, international recycling markets, their legislative context and the latest technologies.

Our Service

  1. Coordinate the relationship between plastic scrap sellers and purchasers.
  2. Coordinate the relationship between the plastic recyclers and relevant government departments.
  3. Coordinate the relationship between the plastic recyclers and financial institutions.
  4. To furnish timely technical, economic and environmental information for the benefit of our members.
  5. To promote free and fair international trade.
  6. Assist and direct the plastic recyclers to upgrade technologies and increase recycling rate.
  7. Assist the government to build a scientific system of plastic recycling and prevent the pollution.
  8. Collect industrial statistics to help making policies.
  9. Organize the activities of the plastic recycling industry and establish platform for communication and information to promote the technology of production and environmental protection and upgrade the management.
  10. Lead the companies to apply to National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Environmental Protection for the appraisal and report of projects, research projects, awards for technological advance and project funds.

Our Resources

  1. Members with competitive and influential power in the precious metals recycling field of China and the world.
  2. Experts focusing on the study of precious metals recycling
  3. Competitive enterprises with precious metals recycling products, technologies and equipments
  4. Precious metals inspection and analysis centers and research institutes with sound reputation in the whole nation
  5. Information on precious metals scraps
  6. Government
  7. Financial institutions
  8. Media


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